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Beer Tour

October 23, 2015
3:00 PM PDT to 6:00 PM PDT
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ASHRAE SD 2nd Annual Beer Tour

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President's Message

Hello San Diego,

It is with great honor that I step into the President position--doing my best to fill the very large shoes left from our previous Chapter leaders. 

If I could describe how I feel in one word it would be EXCITED. 

  • I am excited for the activities we have planned which includes our monthly meetings, volleyball tournament, day at the races, beer tour, Padre game, fishing trip, ASHRAE Learning Institute classes, family picnic and several volunteering opportunities to improve our community and give back. 
  • I am excited for the bright and motivating leadership coming up through the Chapter that will continue to provide us with great programs, events and technical learning opportunities. 
  • And finally I am excited to be a part of one of the best Chapters in the Region! 


I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know some basic organizational and statistical items related to ASHRAE.  My hope is that by knowing some of these things you will feel more connected to the organization that we serve in.  ASHRAE is a grassroots organization made almost entirely of volunteers. 

  • ASHRAE has 53,757 members (07/31/15)
  • 179 Chapters Worldwide
  • 13 Regions, plus 1 Region-At-Large
  • 12 Regions in North America, 1 in Asia
  • San Diego is part of Region X
  • Region X includes California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii
  • San Diego currently has 376 members with 244 Chapter dues paying members



In reference to the last statistic, I would like to remind and encourage our members to pay your Chapter dues when renewing your ASHRAE membership.  A lot of our operating fund comes from this and it supports the Regional operations as well, which ultimately benefits us.  There are currently 132 members that have chosen not to pay the $40 for various reasons I am sure -- but again we encourage them to reconsider and thank everyone that contributes to the Chapter.

Your current Society President is David Underwood who I was a able to meeting at the Region X annual Conference in August 2015.  He is a very kind and brilliant person.  His presidential theme is "Make Connections" which comes from the strategic goals of ASHRAE to increase our global relevance and cooperation with other professional societies to further improve the world in which we live. 



In closing I would like to thank everyone for their membership, involvement and feedback and I look forward to seeing at our first meeting of the ASHAE year which will be on September 15th at the Butcher shop.  A meeting announcement will be sent out soon! 

Andrew Nash

ASHRAE San Diego President